"You see, we were all together during the Big Bang and we've been trying to return to each other ever since. We just miss each other." ❤️

one of my favorite theories of reality is Bernardo Kastrup's "analytical idealism": he proposes that reality is ultimately mental (as opposed to material), and that it's effectively "one mind" at bottom. it's a very simple mind that branches off and forms these more complex subminds, which are us. death merges these consciousnesses back together. your sentence reminded me of this :)

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The feelings that your words evoke in me is so wonderful. Thank you. With an abundance of love and appreciation. Thank you.

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Hi! Great article!

I really enjoy your writing style.

A short story came up to my mind: "The Last Question" by Isaac Asimov. It's really short, if you have spare 20 minutes I suggest the read.

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Loved this article. Thank you. Deeply reasonated with the "living in the NOW" and just reciting a manual when saying that I do that, and not actually meaning it. If you can honestly say that you are content here and now, you have come an immensely long way. Kudos!

Would love an article on book recommendations and resources that have helped you.

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